Untreed Reads Announces Authors For New Thanksgiving Anthology

RFT_200x300Untreed Reads is pleased to announce all of the authors who will be a part of The Killer Wore Cranberry: Room for Thirds. It's a pretty spectacular lineup this year! Below is each person and a couple of interesting things about them so you can get an idea who will be rubbing shoulders among our virtual pages. This third installment of our best-selling anthology is scheduled to be released in October.


Barbara Metzger

Barbara is a New York Times bestselling Regency romance author and has won two Career Achievement Awards from Romantic Times Magazine. She also writes some pretty hilarious stuff in addition to Regencies. Barbara is Untreed Reads' #1 bestselling author.


Elizabeth Hosang

Elizabeth is part of another Untreed Reads anthology being released this year entitled Moon Shot: Murder and Mayhem on the Edge of Space.


Barb Goffman

Barb has been in both of the previous incarnations of this anthology, The Killer Wore Cranberry and The Killer Wore Cranberry: A Second Helping. We're so glad to have her back for a third round!


Herschel Cozine

Herschel has become a short story staple at Untreed Reads. His Nurseryland Mysteries have been a big hit with readers, and Herschel also appears in The Killer Wore Cranberry: A Second Helping and the forthcoming The Untreed Detectives anthology.


Laird Long

Laird appeared in the very first The Killer Wore Cranberry and will also be a part of Moon Shot: Murder and Mayhem on the Edge of Space.


Lesley A. Diehl

Like Barb Goffman, Lesley is making her third appearance in The Killer Wore Cranberry. We've also published her full-length mystery Angel Sleuth and her short story Mother Gets a Lift. She will also appear in the forthcoming anthology The Untreed Detectives.


Lee Hammerschmidt

We've published several short stories from Lee, and we're thrilled to be able to add him to one of our anthologies.


Warren Bull

We've published two short story collections by Warren, and this is his first appearance in one of our anthologies.


Randall DeWitt

Randall won the 2013 Derringer Award for Best Flash Story for "The Cable Job." This is his first appearance with Untreed Reads.


Lisa Wagner
Lisa is the author of the Untreed Reads vegan cookbook From Lisa with Love. She'll be contributing recipes to the anthology along with pictures that are truly drool-worthy.

Sharon Daynard

Sharon is the VP of the New England chapter of Sisters in Crime, and previously earned a Derringer nomination for Flash Fiction in 2004 for "Widow's Peak." This is her first appearance with Untreed Reads.


Big Jim Williams

How could we go wrong having someone in the anthology with a name like "Big Jim?" We're happy to have him joining us.


Toni Goodyear

Toni hails from North Carolina. We're hoping to bribe her into sending us a ton of Diet Cheerwine to keep us going through editing and proofreading (http://www.cheerwine.com/). Welcome!


Mary Mackey

Mary has a pretty extensive bibliography, including novels that have appeared on both The New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle bestseller lists. Mary won the 2012 PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Award for Literary Excellence for her poetry. We're very excited to have her as part of this anthology!


Mary Patterson Thornburg

Mary has had quite a bit of her short stories published, and received Honorable Mentions in 2006 and 2008 from The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror.  This is her first appearance with Untreed Reads.


Sarafina Garavgno

Although Sarafina claims that her story for this anthology is based on her family "except for the death part," I would recommend that someone do a background check on her just to be safe…


Rhett Shepard

Rhett previously lived on the island of Trinidad with her husband. Much like Toni, we're hoping that Rhett has an amazing recipe for provisions and/or callaloo for those long proofreading nights. Better yet, just send us the food!

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