The Top 25 Bestselling Untreed Reads Authors of 2012

9781611875188_SMUntreed Reads is pleased to announce the top 25 bestselling Untreed Reads authors from 2012. This list is based on units sold across our entire network of 200+ retailers and to all of our library partners. Some folks here have multiple titles, some have only one. Amazing accomplishments regardless!

We’ve also linked each author to their space in The Untreed Reads Store, so you can see all of the titles they have available. Through March 30th, all of these titles are 30% off, with the exception of those titles that are short story collections, anthologies or the first book in a series. Those titles are on sale for just $0.99 through March 30th, and on sale also at Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Sony.

Without further ado, here’s our top 25 and the categories in which they typically write.

1. Barbara Metzger (Regency Romance)

2. Doug Hill and Jeff Weingrad (Entertainment)

3. Gillian Roberts (Mystery)

4. Jesse S. Greever (Literary Short Stories)

5. Anne Brooke (Multi-Genre Short Stories)

6. Douglas Wickard (Suspense/Thriller)

7. Sloan Wilson (Romance)

8. Devon Marshall (Fantasy)

9. Mark Anderson (Literary Criticism)

10. Rick R. Reed (Horror)

11. Andy Frankham-Allen (Science Fiction and Horror)

12. Jack Ewing (Mystery Short Stories)

13. Jonathan Janz (Horror)

14. Beth Mathison (Multi-Genre Short Stories)

15. Arlen Blumhagen (Western)

16. K. J. Janssen (Mystery/Suspense)

17. Tara L. Masih (Literary Short Stories)

18. Victor J. Banis (Literary Short Stories)

19. Ruth Sims (Literary Short Stories)

20. Eric Arvin (Literary Short Stories)

21. Daniel Friedmann (Science)

22. Carolyn Crane (Mystery)

23. Dan Stephenson (Literary Fiction)

24. Jacquelynn Luben (Multi-Genre Short Stories)

25. Linda Frank (Romantic Mystery)

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