Her Best Man by Jana Richards

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Sarah Stevens experiences a bride’s worst nightmare: being dumped at the altar. When she goes on the Caribbean cruise meant to be her honeymoon in order to lick her wounds, she discovers her ex-fiancé has sent his brother Will Marshall, the former best man, on the cruise as well. Everyone on board thinks they’re newlyweds, and Sarah is too embarrassed to set them straight. There is nothing like a romantic cruise to bring two people together, particularly when they are pretending to be honeymooners. Sarah discovers she is in love, real love. She believes Will cares for her too. But will his loyalty to Brad stand in the way of their happiness? Can she convince Will that he is her best man?


"What the hell are you doing here?" Sarah demanded, clutching the top of her towel with both hands. The gesture only succeeded in hiking the towel a little higher up her thighs. She didn't know which end to hang on to.

"I could ask you the same thing," Brad's brother said, a hint of amusement, and an equal measure of annoyance in his voice. "I thought you didn't like boats."

"It's called a ship and I changed my mind. I thought I was entitled to a vacation after what I'd been through." Whether it was getting dumped at the altar or being taken advantage of by her family, Sarah wasn't sure. Either one applied. Her heart lurched at her next thought. "Is Brad with you?"

"No, Brad's in Ottawa, looking for you." Will sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "Yeah, I'd say you were entitled to a vacation." He set his duffle bag on the floor and took off his backpack. "Brad gave me his ticket. He didn't figure you'd show."

Sarah lifted her chin and stared defiantly at Will. "I guess that goes to show how little he understood me." Another thought suddenly occurred to her. "What do you mean Brad gave you his ticket? I thought the tickets weren't transferable."

Will grinned, his smile slow and incredibly sexy.

Sarah could have smacked herself for noticing how attractive he was.

"Luckily our passport photos look amazingly similar. They really should do something about the security on this boat."

For a second Sarah stared at him openmouthed, too stunned to speak. "Are you saying you're pretending to be Brad?"

He pulled a passport from his pocket. "Actually, for the duration of this cruise, I'm not just pretending to be Brad. I am Bradley William Marshall. Oh, and by the way, if anyone asks why you call me Will, tell them I go by my middle name."

Sarah almost forgot to hold on to her towel. "Oh my God! You're using Brad's passport? Do you have any idea what they'd do to you if they found out you're using false documents? You're insane if you think I'm going along with this!"

The whole situation was insane, and a little surreal. Had the whole universe decided to gang up on her, first with her wedding debacle and now this? She was standing in front of man she barely knew, wearing nothing but a towel while he calmly informed her that he'd just committed an act of--Sarah hunted for the right word. Fraud? Perjury? Impersonation? Sedition?

Whatever the correct legal word, it wasn't good. In these security conscious times his actions would hardly be laughed off as a boyish prank. But first things first.

"If you don't mind," she said with all the dignity she could muster, "I'd like to get dressed. I can't think properly like this." She waved her free hand to indicate the towel.

An amused grin curved Will's lip. "I'm having a little trouble with that myself."

  • Published by: Uncial Press

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