The Christmas Pony by Arlen Blumhagen

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The Anderson twins had asked for a pony for Christmas since they were five. At the age of twelve their dream comes true. They get their pony, and are two of the happiest kids on earth!

Their joy is short-lived, however, when their precious pony wanders off into the wilderness. The children’s sadness turns to horror when they try to find their beloved colt, only to become lost themselves, wandering in the mountains with a frigid Montana winter night bearing down on them.

Are the kids savvy enough to survive the December night? Can their parents endure the night, not knowing what’s happened to their children? Will the pony be found, or fall victim to some mountain predator?

The Christmas Pony is a heartwarming story, filled with excitement, danger, and adventure.


The Anderson twins, like just about every other kid ever raised in Montana, had asked for a pony since they’d been five. What made the Andersons different was the fact that they lived a few miles outside of town on about three acres of land, so there really wasn’t any good reason why mom, Alice, and dad, Alan, couldn’t…pony-up, if you will. Allison and Aaron Anderson figured that out about age seven, and had been relentless since.

Not only did they ask for a pony for their birthday on February 10th, and of course every Christmas, but they also asked for a pony as a Fourth of July present or maybe a Halloween treat. When Mom or Dad asked them to take out the garbage or mow the lawn, the standard answer was, “sure…for a pony.” Then they went and did their chores, because Mom and Dad could only be pushed so far.

Alice and Alan Anderson were more understanding than most when it came to their kids’ nagging for a pony. The majority of the time they would patiently smile and ignore the kids, and on present-giving events they would usually get something horribly practical and useful like clothes. The Andersons were both teachers at the high school in town, so they didn’t have much in the way of “fun money.”

And then it happened. After a couple years of planning and saving, plus Alan working a deal with a local farmer to help him on weekends in return for feed, the Anderson twins received a pony for Christmas! If they’d known the trouble, the horror, that lay ahead, they most certainly would’ve gone with a puppy.

* * *

It was Christmas 2010, and the Anderson twins were twelve years old. Because ole man Jennings, who they’d gotten the pony from, was going to the city to see his daughter for Christmas, they got their present on December 22nd. The fact that they got the pony a couple days early certainly didn’t dampen the twins’ excitement. When they saw the Jennings’s pickup head down their driveway pulling a horse trailer, then they noticed the ear-to-ear grin and bright red cheeks of their mom, they knew. Allison’s and Aaron’s eyes met, and they knew. They yelled and screamed and jumped up and down until the pickup and trailer rolled to a stop beside the small corral that had always stood empty back behind the house. There was a one-stall livestock and tack shed beside the corral that housed Alan’s ATV.

“You kids hush now,” Mr. Jennings warned as he reached for the horse trailer door. “She’s just a colt, and is liable to be a bit skittish.”

The kids quit screaming, but couldn’t help but continue to bounce up and down like a couple of jumping beans out of control. Mr. Jennings went into the trailer and led out the most beautiful pony either of the kids had ever seen. She was a dark reddish-brown that seemed to glow under the winter sun. Her mane and tail were two shades darker than the body. At that moment Allison and Aaron didn’t care if they ever got another present for anything, ever again. It wouldn’t matter, because they had a pony and would be happy for the rest of their lives; or at least until the next day.

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