Alpha Alpha Gamma by Nancy Springer

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Kerri Ellen lives each day with the haunting memory of the day her sister Kimmi disappeared on her way to work. Every night, she lights a candle in the hopes that her lost sister will somehow, miraculously, find her way home.

When fellow college student Burke's little sister goes missing, Kerri teams up with her sorority sisters to help comb the area to try to find her. As she makes her way through the woods and eventually back to Burke's house, all she can hope for is an outcome that's better than the one she's anticipating for her own sibling. When the investigation takes an odd turn, Kerri soon realizes there are some mysteries in life where finding the solution doesn't necessarily mean closure.

A short story.


I can’t handle this.

But Kerri Ellen did not say the words aloud. Jammed into a MINI Cooper with four other community college kids, she wouldn’t let them know how shaky she felt as they pulled into the church parking lot where the search-and-rescue command center was set up. To her friends it was all new, the muddle of cop cars and ambulances and TV vans and tables and tents, the swarms of state troopers and sheriffs and borough officials and firefighters and volunteers, the blare of megaphones and the yammering of a helicopter overhead. But to Kerri Ellen it was entirely too familiar, even though this was not a ragged stretch of highway amid used car lots, storage lockers, furniture outlets and fast food eateries—such as the Burger King her sister had been walking to.

This was a rich neighborhood. Here, Kerri Ellen looked around at McMansions bigger than barns, each with its own vast Chem-Green lawn beneath forested hills. Kinda different than the trailer park where she lived, out along Route 109.

Yet here were the search dogs in their orange capelets, and the feeling here was just the same as—then.

“Deja fu,” she murmured.

“I beg your pardon” asked a skinny boy with fat glasses, an archetypical nerd, squashed against her in the MINI Cooper back seat.

“Nothing.” I’ve been kicked in the head like this before. It’s been two years. Get over it.

  • Published by: Untreed Reads

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