Vignettes & Postcards From Paris by Erin Byrne and Anna Pook

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The award-winning anthology VIGNETTES & POSTCARDS FROM PARIS is both a loving tribute and a breathtaking collection of artful prose. It is a compilation of writings from the Evening Writing Workshop at Shakespeare Company Bookstore, Paris, Fall 2011, Leaping Into the Void, taught by Erin Byrne. The workshop challenged writers to take risks in writing and make room for their Real Work to emerge. Find your own "something other" inside these stories, essays, poems, vignettes, and postcards. You may even start to wonder what would happen if a story or two were coaxed out of you.


The room waits. Voices and footsteps from the bookstore underneath echo in the empty space. Through an open window the buzz of traffic breezes in past pink geraniums which linger in their wooden box, savoring the last light of day. Dust motes circle in rhythm. The top of an old table appears to have pushed aside a chess set on its own top to clear space for paper and pen.

This is George Whitman's private library at Shakespeare and Company Bookstore. For six decades, he presided at the cash register, shouted commands across the room at random strangers, invited many to tea or to stay, and swished between bookshelves. But now, in September of 2011, he lies in bed inside his apartment across the hall, as life ebbs from his frail body. George's spirit still infuses the shop, but his is now a wispy presence.

The people clomp, stumble and tiptoe up the stairs. Collectively they read, write and speak in dozens of languages. They come from all over the worldóBrazil, New Zealand, Ireland, Holland, Iran, Lebanon, and other places. Their communal consciousness overflows with rich details, harvested impressions and thriving ideas. On this warm evening, they came from all over Parisóon foot, on bicycles, on metro, on busesóto create something tangible out of the richness of their lives.

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