Vend U. by Nancy Springer

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Jocelyn is a complete pest, She's constantly playing practical jokes and has no problems beating up boys. Not quite the person you want around you when you're trying to enjoy your summer art class on a college campus.
When Jocelyn decides to take out her inner aggressions on the cafeteria's vending machines, it's not just the students who decide it's time to do something about the biggest bully on campus. After all, even a vending machine has feelings.
Jocelyn is about to learn a very dangerous lesson. Sometimes the least healthy item in a vending machine isn't the weeks-old chocolate, but the machine itself.
A short story.
We did not like Jocelyn.
Jocelyn put tapioca pudding in our book bags. Jocelyn put Jell-O in our gym shoes. Jocelyn smeared Ben-Gay on toilet seats. In the boys’ room too. And if we were on a field trip and we all went into a convenience store to get snacks, Jocelyn would find whipped cream and squirt it all over the store and we’d all get kicked out and nobody would get any snacks.
Jocelyn parked chewing gum on people’s heads. Jocelyn parked boogers on locker handles.
Jocelyn beat people up. Boys too.
If we drew faces in art class, Jocelyn would reach over and turn the noses into vacuum cleaners.
We did not like Jocelyn. We stayed away from her. Nobody was her friend.
So at first we were kind of glad about what happened with Jocelyn and the monster vending machine.

  • Published by: Untreed Reads

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