God Rest Ye, Mary (Emaline Banister Mysteries, #2) by Jaye Watson

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Emaline Banister couldn't hear who was blackmailing whom in the women's room at work. The holidays were approaching and she was distracted by the need to make a dish that everyone could eat, including the people with odd dietary restrictions. Besides, Detective Harry Jordan was still hanging around, and she wasn't sure if he was attracted to her or still wondering if she was a murderer. When Mary O'Neill died at the party, after eating Emaline's salad, she was once again under suspicion. But this time she knew she hadn't done it.


Once she'd identified herself and described her job at BioLogic, he sat back and looked at her, a speculative gleam in his eyes. "I understand you brought the green salad, Dr, Banister. Can you tell me what was in it?"

Startled, she simply stared a moment. When he prompted her with a formless little sound, she started ticking the ingredients off on her fingers.

"Capers? What are those?"

"Fruits of a plant in the Capparidaceae--the Caper family. They're pickled." She made a circle with her thumb and finger, a quarter-inch in diameter. "I used the fancy ones, about this big."

"And what do they look like?"

"Sort of olive green, a little shriveled, more or less round."

He scribbled in his notebook. "Can you tell me where you purchased the salad ingredients?"

"New Seasons, for the most part. I had the artichoke hearts on hand, and the oil and vinegar. Oh, yes. and the capers. In fact, they'd been in my cupboard a while and I wanted to use them before they got too old."

"Too old? How long had you had them?"

"A year? I donít know for sure. I remember I bought them when I was going to try a new recipe, then I changed my mind. That had to have been last summer--no, the summer before last. Good heavens!"

"And the artichoke hearts. When and where did you buy them?"

"Costco, in September, I think."

"Do you still have the containers?"

She thought a moment. "Yes, they're in my recycling bin."

His glance was sharp. "You washed them?"

"Of course."

Again he scribbled. At last he stopped and said, "Thank you, Dr. Banister. I haven't any more questions for you right now, but I may want to talk to you again later."

  • Published by: Uncial Press

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