Making it Home by Maryann Miller

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A short story that brings the message that home is where ever you make it. Previously published in Lady's Circle Magazine under the title "A String of Pearls." This new e-book edition has been completely revised and updated.


Sitting in the little attic bedroom in her grandmotherís house, twelve-year-old Nancy rested her face on the cool window and watched the dismal rain spattering on the glass. In the reflection, she could see that her eyes had turned as dark as the clouds outside.

She absently twisted a strand of her long blonde hair around her finger. The setting suited her mood, giving her a good excuse to stay in her room on the pretense of reading a book.

Sometimes she just had to have time to sit quietly and try to let her mind sort out all that had happened in the past few months. Moving from the simplicity of her familyís west Texas farm and leaving a one-room schoolhouse that held twenty students to face the whirlwind activity in an enormous school, had been quite an adjustment.

But all that did not begin to touch the turmoil of emotion Nancy experienced when she remembered the circumstances that had brought her to Dallas. She couldnít understand why such an ugly twist of fate had descended on her life and ruined it so totally.

Not that she didnít love her grandparents, but living here with them was nothing like her life on the farm. And thatís what she wanted, her mother, her father, and life the way it used to be.

With tears in her eyes and a tight knot of pain in her stomach, Nancy let her mind drift back to another rainy dayÖ

  • Published by: Maryann Miller

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