Fresh, Never Frozen by Chris Bauer

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ISBN: 9781611872057
Pages: 5

If you thought shopping in a supermarket at Thanksgiving was Hell, you've had it easy compared to the employees. In the case of Jeff and Brad, what should be a normal truck delivery turns into something far more dangerous when the supposedly-dead turkeys inside are actually undead ... and out for blood!

A short work of humorous horror from our Spectres line.


At two o’clock in the morning of the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the poultry truck pulled away from the dock in a cloud of autumn haze and diesel.

“First we put the fresh turkeys in the cooler,” said Jeff. “The stuffing and cranberries can wait.”

“Who buys a fresh turkey the day before Thanksgiving?” asked Brad.

“Enough people that you and me get paid overtime,” said Jeff. A big, grey bearded Irishman, he looked like he should have been in a movie with knights and castles. He pressed the large red CLOSE button, and the loading bay door rattled down.

Brad pulled the motorized cart to the stack of boxes labeled FRIEND FARMS: FRESH, NEVER FROZEN. One carton inched its way off the stack. Brad ignored what he saw. He had seen a pallet of soup cans fall over of its own accord and a crate of hand soap implode. If you unloaded boxes long enough, you could see anything.

The box of Thanksgiving turkey leapt off the pallet. Its companion scooted to the edge to fill its place.

Brad hesitated. “Uh, the fresh turkey ain’t dead yet.”

“You’re supposed to be off that shit,” said Jeff. He pulled a half-pint whiskey bottle from his back pocket and took a long swig.

The box exploded. Three turkeys, deathly white and ready for the oven, shook off the packing ice, and stood on their drumsticks. They bent over, and ejected packets of giblets and gravy mix from their rumps.

“Whoa. This is weird,” said Brad.

Box after box fell to the floor, and burst open to free its FRIENDS FARMS: FRESH, NEVER FROZEN turkeys. The dead poultry gathered in a flock, and at once, turned their headless torsos toward Brad and Jeff.

  • Published by: Untreed Reads

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