Lord of Misrule by Judith B. Glad

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Luke and Katie Savage, newly married and at the end of a danger-filled and arduous journey, finally reach Boise City, where her family awaits them. They both are tired and ready to rest. Katie is excited because Christmas is next week and they'll spend it with her family. Luke isn't sure he's ready for a family celebration, especially when everyone--perhaps even Katie--is a stranger to him. Holidays should be happy events, but when you're odd man out, it's hard to get into the spirit of the season. But Katie loves him, so Luke will do his best.


Luke heard the ruckus as he was filling the bay's feed bin. He gave the gelding a last pat and went to the barn door. The yard was full of people and horses. While he watched, all the kids went dashing inside, their arms full.

That left several adults. Towering over them all was a big black man, holding a woman in his arms. Even as Luke watched, the man released the woman and Luke saw who she was. Katie!

A red rage filled him, and he started toward the group. Katie's laugh scarcely penetrated his fury, but it was enough to slow his headlong rush. He saw his wife go into the arms of a small woman, all bundled in furs, while Mrs. Lachlan hugged the Negro.

"Here's Luke!"

Katie pulled free and came running to him. "Look who's here, Luke. This is Flower and that's William. And Soomey. Silas is somewhere...oh, here he comes. This is so wonderful. Now everyone's here."

The next instant he saw a black hand stretched out to him. Luke had fought for the North and he truly believed that slavery was wrong. But he'd never actually met a Negro face to face. Not until now.

The hand just hung there. Katie stiffened in his arms.

Luke took the hand. It was warm, hard with callous, and no different from any other man's.

  • Published by: Uncial Press

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