Bound by Love by Edith Layton

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ISBN: 9781945447174
Pages: 186

He sailed to England for revenge...
She journeyed there for love.

Five-year-old Della Kensington first saw the proud, half-starved bond boy who dared call himself a dispossessed earl on the docks of Virginia Colony. The moment she laid eyes on him she loved him. And from that day, in spite of all evidence, she believed his bizarre story, that he was truly Jared St. Andrew Bellington, Earl of Aveston—nobly born, kidnapped, and sold into bondage. 

Della had grown into a woman wanting him. Jared had grown into a man burning for revenge. When at last he could return to his beloved Hawkstone Hall, he entered a world of bejeweled ladies and elegantly attired gentlemen, a world he intended to conquer—no matter the cost to his life. Fashionable Georgian England dazzled sweet Della, but her eyes remained clear. She saw that if Jared gained everything he'd sought, she might lose him forever, and he might lose his chance at real happiness. She was ready to fight on this new terrain for his love—dancing a quadrille of intrigue and desire, risking all, and challenging his elegant world with her irrepressible heart.

  • Published by: Untreed Reads

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