The Killer Wore Cranberry: A Second Helping edited by J. Alan Hartman

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ISBN: 9781611874433
Pages: 118

It's the Thanksgiving mystery anthology everyone's been dying for!

In 2010, The Killer Wore Cranberry showed how funny murder and food could be. Now, in 2012, Untreed Reads presents a new installment of the worldwide, bestselling anthology with a table full of seasoned authors and new voices alike.

Join all of these fantastic authors as they make your holidays murderous and fill you with laughter: Arthur C. Carey, John Weagly, Earl Staggs, Amanda Lundberg, Betsy Bitner, S. Furlong-Bolliger, Steve Shrott, Andrew MacRae, Zoe Burke, Arlen Blumhagen, Lesley A. Diehl, Gail Farrelly, Herschel Cozine, Linda S. Reilly, Stephen D. Rogers, Barb Goffman and Laura Hartman.

So make some room for that extra portion of turkey, scarf down another slice of pumpkin pie and make room in the basement for all the dead bodies in this hilarious short story anthology that's destined to become a holiday classic.


Two years ago, I had the idea of inviting a group of authors to sit down together for a virtual Thanksgiving dinner. The price of admission was a mystery short story that had to be both humorous and feature a specific Thanksgiving dish such as turkey or mashed potatoes. The result was a brilliant combination of hilarity and hijinx known as The Killer Wore Cranberry. This proved to be one of Untreed Reads’ most popular collections of short stories and a best-seller around the world—even in countries that don’t celebrate Thanksgiving!

Although the anthology went on hiatus in 2011, I felt it was definitely time to bring it back for the 2012 holiday season. It seemed that with it being an election year and the economy as it is, the world probably needed a few good laughs to get it through. So, I sent out a call for submissions, but this time I decided to give the anthology a little more leeway in terms of content. Instead of being hyper-focused on the stories being centered around food, I decided to entertain ideas of what else could happen at Thanksgiving that might make someone want to bump off their family, friends and enemies. After all, who doesn’t eventually want to strangle that person at the table who has the boring stories or who tells all the relatives personal stuff about you?

I received three times the submissions for this anthology as I did the original, which made it more difficult to whittle it down. In fact, in the end, this anthology features more stories than I had anticipated because, well, they were just so darn good.

Although typically you tire of having the same family members at your table, I was so pleased to bring back some folks from the original The Killer Wore Cranberry: Lesley A. Diehl, Barb Goffman and Earl Staggs. Then, there were the folks who had been published through Untreed Reads before: Arlen Blumhagen, S. Furlong-Bolliger, Art Carey, Herschel Cozine, Stephen D. Rogers and John Weagly (part of the amazing anthology Discount Noir). And, as always, you want to leave room for some fresh voices, so I’m welcoming the following folks to the table this year: Betsy Bitner, Zoe Burke, Gail Farrelly, Laura Hartman (no relation to me), Amanda Lundberg, Andrew MacRae, Linda S. Reilly and Steve Shrott. I’m so glad you pulled up a chair!

Here’s hoping you folks out there in Ebookland enjoy The Killer Wore Cranberry: A Second Helping as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together. All of you are in for a treat, and I sincerely hope you get a chuckle or two, and some ideas in case you need to have a family member removed permanently from your table. OK, so we do ask that you NOT follow any of our authors’ tips for doing away with offensive people. I understand that the turkey that’s served behind bars just isn’t that tasty.

Happy Holidays!

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