The Untreed Detectives edited by J. Alan Hartman

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Sleuth...private investigator...detective. Many names for the same job, but the role itself comes in all shapes and sizes.
Presenting a variety of detectives, culled from the various novels both published and distributed by Untreed Reads. Whether it's a gritty clown or a children's book author, a pig or an investigator of crimes in the nursery rhyme universe, you'll discover a wide variety of short mysteries here from both best-selling authors and fresh voices.
This anthology contains the first new Amanda Pepper mystery in nearly a decade from award-winning mystery author Gillian Roberts, as well as original stories from Kara L. Barney, Amber Rochelle Gillet, Janet Majerus, Lesley A. Diehl, Neil Plakcy, Kaye George, Whit Howland, Albert Tucher, Herschel Cozine, Rodolfo Peña and Wade J. McMahan.
If you take a look at the anthologies that I’ve put together for Untreed Reads over the last few years, you’ll see that they tend to lean toward the mystery genre. Sure they might have another theme interwoven, such as science fiction or a holiday, but ultimately it gets right down to a good murder or other unfortunate mishap.
I’d like to believe that I’m not secretly homicidal and that I simply have an appreciation for the written art form that is the mystery story. After all, I’ve never actually used any of the information that I’ve found in a mystery story. Well, not that I’ll admit to at any rate.
Over the years, I’ve had the chance to discover some really terrific detectives. Some of these were stories that we published and some were stories that writers asked us to distribute on their behalf. The tough part of publishing is that you see so many great stories come through, but how do you get readers to see all the exceptional talent that’s part of your family?
Enter the anthology. Where a full-length mystery novel can be a hearty meal, the anthology can be a tasty set of appetizers. Eat one in a sitting, maybe two or three, and you’re likely to move on to a main course offering from the author. This was the genesis behind The Untreed Detectives. Give readers a taste of the variety that’s out there, and they’ll hopefully see how great the detectives and their related series are.
And there’s certainly a variety in The Untreed Detectives. From hookers to golden retrievers, pigs to amateur sleuths and contemporary detectives to Sherlock Holmes’ landlady, there’s bound to be something in this short story collection that will appeal to your particular taste in mystery.
I’m very happy to represent all of the authors in this volume in one fashion or another, either through publishing their series in my role as Editor-in-Chief or distributing their titles for them. This anthology also marks the return of one of mystery’s most famous amateur sleuths: Gillian Roberts’ schoolteacher Amanda Pepper. The last novel featuring this protagonist was published in 2007, much to the chagrin of fans who were sad to see the series end. Untreed Reads is thrilled to have brought the entire series back in ebook format, and I’m particularly tickled that this anthology features the first original Amanda Pepper story in almost seven years. It’s an honor to have Amanda back for another romp.
So, grab a bread-and-butter plate and some toothpicks and feel free to make your way down our short story buffet of detective tales and magnificent mysteries. Just don’t let a dead body get in the way of the main
J. Alan Hartman
December 2013

  • Published by: Untreed Reads

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