Original Sin (A Samantha Cody Mystery, #3) by D. P. Lyle

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Samantha Cody can’t stay away from trouble. When Sam’s long-time friend, Dr. Lucy Wagner finds her career, and maybe even her life in jeopardy, it’s impossible for Samantha not to run to her ex-boxing buddy’s side. 
Dr. Lucy Wagner was on top of her game, her practice thriving, and her reputation impeccable. In addition to being the only cardiac surgeon on staff at the Remington Medical Center in small-town Tennessee, she recently had a new pediatric cardiac unit dedicated to her. Her achievements put her at the apex of the local medical pyramid, but earned her a few powerful enemies. Her success comes to a screeching halt when John Scully, the spiritual founder and leader of a local snake-handling church, dies on her operating table. The series of strange fainting spells and nightmarish dreams that follow are nothing compared to the violent psychotic behaviors Lucy’s patients begin exhibiting, and she knows it’s time to call in the cavalry. 
Despite wishing to put her ex-cop days behind her, Samantha Cody must lead Lucy on a journey into the past to confront old and very powerful forces she never knew existed.
“I knew you’d come back to us,” John Scully said as Lucy and Sam walked into the church. He and Miriam were standing near the pulpit. 
“Back?” Lucy said. 
“Back to the church.”
“That implies I was ever here.”
“You were,” Miriam said. “From the moment you breathed your first breath.”
“You’re not making sense.”
Scully smiled. “You have always been a part of us. Martha and your parents saw to that.”
Lucy glanced toward Sam. “Am I missing something here?”
“Doesn’t make sense to me either,” Sam said.
“You were baptized into the church when you were only days old.”
“No offense, but I don’t remember that. And no one ever bothered to tell me.”
“But deep inside you know it’s true,” Scully said.
“I don’t think so.”
Felicia walked in, carrying a wooden box. She placed it on a table to Scully’s left. The unmistakable buzzing of snakes rose from the box. Scully raised the lid and casually removed a fat rattlesnake. Its buzzing now adopted an angry tone.
Lucy and Sam each took a step back.

  • Published by: Reputation Books

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