Common Ground by Judith B. Glad

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ISBN: 9781601742148
Pages: 51

The study of antiquities is no fit activity for a lady, according to Amaryllis Raven's guardians, the aunt and uncle who took her in after her father's death. Yet her Aunt Sessiletyn makes no effort to introduce her to the ton. Heir to a marquessate, Chaunce Boothsby would rather dig for buried Roman ruins than play a man-about-town. They might never have met, but for a duck-chasing dog.

Before long she begins to dream impossible dreams.
But Aunt Sessiletyn sees Chaunce as a perfect match for her beautiful daughter, and attempts to convince Amaryllis that his only interest in her is her father's only legacy, the secret location of his antiquities site. Only a bold move will allow love to triumph, and Chaunce must make it soon.


She realized that Cassandra had taken the dog's leash in hand and her permission for granted. Both she and Caesar were poised to escape.

Before she could speak, Mr. Boo-- Lord Something-Or-Other... Oh, drat, what is the proper form of address? 

"Stay within sight, Miss Sessiletyn. We will follow at a more sedate pace." He offered his arm to Amaryllis.

She placed her left hand lightly atop it. "My lord, it is very kind of--"

"My name is Chaunce. Although I do have an honorary title, no one but the servants at home uses it. Well, and my parents, but they are of the old school."

"Mr. Boothsby, then. It is very kind of you to allow Cassandra to befriend the dog. She is quite fascinated with all canines, and her parents will not allow her to have one as a pet. Her father believes that dogs should earn their keep. He is an avid hunter."

"Unfortunate. She displayed a remarkable rapport with Caesar from the first moment. He is ordinarily a rather reserved fellow." They strolled in silence for several steps. "Miss Sessiletyn--"

"My name is Raven. Amaryllis Raven."

He halted and turned to face her. For the first time he smiled directly at her, a wide, happy smile that involved his eyes as well as his mouth. "I am delighted to meet you, Miss Raven." Although she had not held out her right hand, he took it, lifting it from her side where it had hung limply.

In fact, she was limp all over. Melting. Turning into a person-shaped bag of porridge. Never, in all her twenty years, had she seen a smile as engaging, as gentle, as...inviting as his. Until now, she had believed that a heart that went pitter-pat was hyperbole. But what other term could possibly describe the flutter of hers?
When his lips touched the back of her hand, she shivered with delight, even though she could hardly have felt how soft and warm they were through her leather glove. 

  • Published by: Uncial Press

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