Lost in the Maze by Gary William Ramsey

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ISBN: 9781581243086
Pages: 350

ISIS, the most powerful terrorist organization in the world, plans to take control of the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Europe within the next five years, to complete its caliphate in that part of the world. To meet its goal of worldwide domination, the Great Satan—the United States of America—must be defeated from within and the government destroyed. After years of planning and organization, an ISIS commander has been embedded at a high level of the Unites States Government. The terrorist, known only as The Controller, has recruited officials in law enforcement, business, the military, and government, and they have smuggled a nuclear weapon across the Mexican border.



When the birth of a human being occurs, we are all cast into the Maze of Life. The clarity of that Maze, and the various turns we take to construct a successful and happy life, are sometimes determined by the circumstances and locations into which we were born. A safe and normal birth to two loving parents, who guide their child with love and attention, simplifies the Maze and allows an easier path to happiness.

As for me, I was cast into the Maze without any guidance, and therefore, went down many paths, right and wrong, in my navigation of the Labyrinth. I ultimately found my way to a happy place in the Maze, but not without some agony experienced from venturing down the wrong pathways.

While navigating the Maze of Life, humans are also faced with Religious choices. Usually these choices are again heavily influenced by the guidance of parents or location of birth.

In some cases when an otherwise loving Religion is taken to the extreme, deadly conflicts occur in the Maze. An extreme Christian religion can worship snakes, be discriminatory, and instigate hardships on others. The same goes for intense devotees of other religions. These extremes of Religious beliefs have been the basis of most wars in the history of Human life. Death and destruction and the greatest atrocities have been instigated in the name of Faith.

Religion is the most sensitive issue, and although every Religion encourages the idea of peace and tolerance, almost no one remains in peace or tolerates anything when it comes to their Religion. History is full of Religious wars and some of them have continued for years and killed countless numbers. These senseless wars continue today.

So a path in the Maze of life, which should lead to love and compassion, takes turns that lead to death and hate. Only insane humans can use Religion to kill and torture and behead.

Unfortunately the world today is fill with these distorted humans, who in the name of Religion, perform unspeakable acts.

The story I am going to tell you is based on a current “Religious” phenomenon occurring in the world today. The rise of ISIS.

“The main and principal goal of the Islamic State that they tell their new members is to establish an Islamic State that will encompass the Arab world,” the ISIS Leader said in Turkey. “And after that, we go to other countries.” The ultimate goal is to take over the “Demon” Country of the United States of America, which will lead to worldwide domination of fundamental Islam.

The Islamic extremists known as ISIS are a great deal more dangerous than most of us realize. The reason for this is hidden in plain sight in the name itself: ISIS. In English, this stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, but that’s not what it stands for in Arabic: ad-Dawlat al-Islamiyya fī’l-‘Iraq wa’sh-Sham: The Islamic State in Iraq and Ash-Sham.

The crucial difference is the word Sham, a word that resonates in the Arabic-speaker’s mind on multiple levels. It calls for the Islamic State to be worldwide.
It goes without saying that the majority of Muslims are peace-loving people. But the extreme elements led by Al Qaeda and ISIS are monsters capable of atrocities beyond anything civilized humans can comprehend.

With our porous borders, it is easily comprehensible that ISIS sympathizers can enter this country in massive numbers, and they have had that capability for years. There are also countless people converted who already reside in the USA.
As we speak, Americans are being radicalized. There is no typical profile of an American extremist and the experiences and motivating factors vary widely. Terrorist organizations and radical mosques seek Americans to radicalize and recruit because of their familiarity with the United States and the West, and because of their ability to integrate into the society in all levels of society, government, and law enforcement. The evolving extremist threat makes it more difficult for legitimate law enforcement or the intelligence community to detect and disrupt plots developed by these extremists. These organizations themselves are infiltrated.

It is also clearly conceivable that nuclear weapons can be smuggled across the southern border. Weapons of mass destruction in the hands of ISIS recruits and sympathizers would be catastrophic.

The basic concept of this Novel is that the worst has occurred, and converted ISIS extremist have infiltrated the highest levels of government. They have developed a massive plot to obliterate the US government, and establish the Islamic state in America. With the power and resources of the USA, they subsequently have the power to take the movement worldwide.

One man, a Senator from North Carolina with aspirations to be President of the USA, is the primary obstacle standing in their way. Therefore, he must be eliminated.

This Hero takes many turns and traverses many pathways in the Maze of Life to save his beloved country.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my story.

  • Published by: The Fiction Works

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