Mind Games by Gary William Ramsey

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Timothy Harding Olsen, a brilliant young PhD graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is hired by a worldwide organization that operates outside the laws of man and nature. They provide him with a laboratory and unlimited funds to test his theories regarding The God Particle.

After months of work and experimentation, he successfully isolates and preserves the God Particle. His ensuing tests are positive on Chimpanzees, but Olsen wants to experiment on humans.

Ethan Tyler, an undercover CIA Agent, is placed inside the organization. The U.S. government knows Russia, China and Iran are interested in obtaining Olsenís Formula. When Dr. Olsen begins illegally testing the Formula on humans, all hell breaks loose.



Chapter 1

I woke with a start, acknowledging the sensation of rain and small hail pelting my skin. I stood up, while shielding my eyes, only to find dizziness drove me back to my knees. My head was pounding and the surrounding corn stalks seemed to mock me, as I touched the open wound on the back of my head. The downpour of rain mixed with hail and pain was almost too much to endure.†

Since I couldnít stand, I began crawling in the mud. The corn stalks hindered my progress, and I knocked them down as I moved forward. After about twenty yards, I attempted to stand again. This time I succeeded in remaining on my feet, stumbled forward and tripped on a large obstacle in my path. I looked down and saw the mangled body of a young woman lying in the mud. Her long blonde hair was tangled, mud-spattered and her body was twisted in a grotesque position. Large chunks of flesh had been torn from her arms and legs. I bent down and put my finger on her neck, finding no pulse. She wore only torn panties and a mud spattered bra.†

I kept moving as the rain intensified, overpowering the hail. As I pushed my way through the cornfield, I saw a large brown object about ten feet in front of me. I made my way to the spot and gasped upon discovering a dead horse. The animalís legs were broken and twisted to one side. There were bite marks on the legs and a large caliber bullet hole just above its left eye.

My breath was ragged, and my head pulsated with shooting pains. I reached up to touch my scalp again, pulling back a handful of blood. The rain quickly washed it away, and I took comfort in knowing that it was cleansing my wound.†

However, the comfort was short-lived. I discovered another sore spot, about six inches back from my right temple. It was a small round object, which felt like medal, and any contact only intensified the pain.

Just outside the cornfield, I fell to my knees and rolled on my back to rest, but the rain was merciless, thrashing on my body. I felt a chill and began shivering. My adrenaline had kept me from noticing the frigid air until now, and I huddled into a fetal position to compensate. It was then that I realized for the first time that I was naked.

The earth was spinning, and I threw up.

Darkness overcame me as I lost consciousness.

  • Published by: The Fiction Works

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