New Short Story Release By Julian Adorney: “Deals”

DealsThose of us who struggled through high school were always told the same thing:

“You have to study really hard so you can get into a great college. With a college degree, all doors open up to you to have a successful career.”

So what happens when those promises turn out NOT to deliver? Such is the case with the protagonist in Julian Adorney’s “Deals,” a new literary short story available today from Untreed Reads. In “Deals,” James is determined to provide a comfortable life for his family, but when his college degree fails to provide the goods he finds himself making deals he hadn’t ever imagined.

“Deals” is part of our Nibs literary short story line. It’s available for $1.50 from The Untreed Reads Store, and Untreed Reads GreenPass members save an additional 15% off. “Deals” is also available at Smashwords,, and at Amazon for the Kindle. You can read an excerpt by clicking HERE.

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