New Pride Month Short Story Release: “At the Diner” by Neil Plakcy

At the DinerAuthor Neil Plakcy is very well-known for his breadth of writing abilities. He’s the author of the Mahu mysteries, erotica and even stories for dog lovers. Naturally, we were thrilled when Neil asked us to take a look at “At the Diner,” a short story that take Neil’s work into yet another realm.

“At the Diner” is the story of a young man trying to deal with the relationship he has with his estranged father. Unable to communicate with one another, they start to forge a new bond over meals at the diner where the narrator works. The question becomes: can a mutual love of food overcome a father/son dynamic that’s so badly damaged?

One of the great things about this title, much like “Number Theory” which was released earlier this month, is that although the narrator of this tale is gay it isn’t the whole story. This short is really about the relationships between fathers and sons, secrets kept among family members and the belief that there’s something better out there in life for everyone.

We hope you’ll pick up this extremely moving story. If you do, you might want to keep some Kleenex handy.

Like all of our short stories, “At the Diner” is economy-friendly priced at only $1.50. You’ll find it in the Untreed Reads Store, Smashwords, Amazon for the Kindle and at many of the retailers found on the right side of our homepage. Be sure to read an excerpt by clicking HERE.

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