New Literary Short From Giselle Renarde: Ugly Naked People

Like many of the authors that come through Untreed Reads’ doors, Giselle Renarde is a well-known romance and erotica author who was looking to try something different. What she brought to us was an amazing story about a relationship being torn apart by an eating disorder entitled “Ugly Naked People.” Fans of Renarde’s other works are going to find this a bit of a departure from her regular writings, but eloquently written and deeply moving as well.

The Blurb:

Rave is concerned about her girlfriend Astrid’s rapidly declining weight and health. As Astrid’s eating disorder begins to take its toll on the couple’s relationship, Rave hopes that a dramatic move on her part will save both Astrid and the future they could have together.

We hope that people enjoy reading the work, but also take a bit of hope to those who may be suffering under similar circumstances.

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