New Forthcoming Flash Mystery Anthology From Untreed Reads

Untreed Reads is very happy to announce that thanks to our partnership with Stacia J.N. Decker of the Donald Maass Literary Agency, Untreed Reads will be the ebook publisher for a new short mystery anthology tentatively titled Discount Noir. The anthology consists of super short/flash murder and mayhem centered around a very Wal-Mart/Target-esque backdrop.

The anthology contains works by: Patricia Abbott, Sophie Littlefield,
Kieran Shea, Chad Eagleton, Ed Gorman, Cormac Brown, Fleur Bradley, Alan Griffiths, Laura Benedict, Garnett Elliot, Eric Beetner, Jack Bates,
Bill Crider, Loren Eaton, John DuMond, John McFetridge, Toni McGee
Causey, Jeff Vande Zande, James Reasoner, Kyle Minor, Randy Rohn, Todd
Mason, Byron Quertermous, Sandra Scoppettone, Stephen D. Rogers, Steve
Weddle, Evan Lewis, Daniel B. O’Shea, Sandra Seamans, Albert Tucher,
Donna Moore, John Weagly, Keith Rawson, Gerald So, Dave Zeltserman,
Dorte Hummelshoj Jakobsen, Jay Stringer, Anne Frasier, Kathleen A. Ryan,
Eric Peterson, Chris Grabenstein and J.T. Ellison. The anthology was edited by Patricia Abbott and Steve Weddle.

Look for this title to be released in late September/early October.

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