Call For Submissions: LGBT Mother’s Day/Father’s Day Stories

We are announcing a Call for Submissions for LGBT-themed Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stories. We are particularly interested in stories about gay and lesbian parents. Here are some other qualifications on this call:

1. These should NOT be coming-out stories, unless the story is told from the point of view of the parent. Even then, we’d rather hold off on those kinds of stories for this call.
2. No happy endings are required. Realism above all else.
3. Stories ideally should be between 1500-5000 words, but we will look at stories up to 8000 words in length.
4. Reprints are ok as long as electronic rights have reverted back to the author.
5. No erotica or romance for this call. We’re looking for stories about the relationships between parents and children or specifically about the parents. All stories should have a literary tone to them.

This is an open call, and may be reposted everywhere and anywhere. Please ensure that all submissions are sent to and have either “Mother’s Day” or “Father’s Day” in the subject line. All submissions must be sent as DOC attachments.

The submission deadline for Mother’s Day is April 8th. Submission deadline for Father’s Day is May 1st.

Please direct any questions regarding this call to Jay Hartman at

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