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Distribution and Digital/POD Production Services

1. Conversion, Production & Editorial Services

2. Worldwide Ebook Distribution

3. Ebook and Publishing Consulting

Untreed Reads can help you dramatically broaden your platform and increase sales of your electronic publications—of any length and in almost any language, and from concept to distribution of your ebooks and all electronic publications through our 200+ worldwide online retailers and distributors, with access to 98% of both public and private libraries worldwide.

Untreed Reads also offers a wide range of epublishing—and now print—production services built around each author-client’s needs. We can help as much or as little as you choose—and if theres a service you want that’s not listed below, please ask. We have a wide network of contacts and resources to call upon.


Conversion, Production & Editorial Services


If you know you want to be in the ebook/digital space, but don’t have the expertise or timeto do it on your own—no problem. We can convert your files into multiple electronic formats.

Your Cost: $125 for most files (may be higher for complex projects)

The Process:

You provide us:

An MS Word file of your text following minimal formatting guidelines

Appropriately sized JPEGs of your images

Cover art

We convert the files for you to EPUB, Kindle and PDF formats and provide an electronic-version ISBN at no charge if you don’t have one.

The Difference: Instead of a “meat grinder” approach as with some other vendors, you’ll work directly with our team during the conversion process.

Production & Editorial Services



Straight Proofreading

$40/hr. or $3.50-$4.50/pg.

Editorial Proofreading

$45/hr. or $5-$6/pg.


$50/hr. or $10-$12/pg.

Substantive Editing

$60/hr. or $20-$25/pg.

Writing, Coauthoring and Ghostwriting

Quoted per project

Ebook or POD Cover Design & Creation, Using Stock Images


Ebook or POD Cover Design & Creation, Original Design


Scanning—From PDF to MS Word


Scanning—From Print to MS Word


POD Formatting


POD Coordination

Quoted per project

*Rate ranges allow for varying lengths and complexity each project.

2. Worldwide Ebook Distribution*

Once you have your files converted to electronic formats, then what?

We distribute these formats:

EPUB (for iPad, Nook, smartphones and most current reading devices)


PDF (for computers and other devices)

Your Cost:
$50 account setup fee, then ZERO for initial uploads, and low cost for customer-requested pricing, metadata and file changes

Your Royalties:

70% of Net Sales
80% of Net Sales if Untreed Reads also provides Conversion Services

The Process:

1. You supply the electronic files in EPUB, Kindle and PDF*

2. We distribute your ebooks and digital publications

3. Once a month you receive royalties

*Or you can hire us to convert your work to these electronic formats (see Ebook Conversion below).

The Differences: With most distributors, such as Smashwords*, your titles are only distributed to about 13 retailers, predominantly in the U.S. and Canada—whereas, with Untreed Reads you’re going global—through 200+ online retailers and distributors, plus reaching the valuable worldwide library markets.

Just a few of our retailers and distributors include:

  •  Amazon (domestic and international)

  •  Apple (domestic and international)

  •  Baker & Taylor (including library systems)

  •  Barnes & Noble

  •  Gardner’s (international distributor and library system distributor)

  •  Lightning Source/Ingram

  • Overdrive (predominant international distributor to retailers and library systems)

Key benefits of ebook distribution through Untreed Reads:

  • Nonexclusive distribution—we can handle it all, or supplement your current efforts.

  • Distribution of any length project, from articles to full length.

  • Distribution in almost any language.

  • No title minimum or maximum—distribute without having to meet the 20+ book minimums required by some distributors.

  • Ability to leverage our review channels for broader recognition.

  • Work with real human beings throughout the process—who are there to help you every step of the way.

  • Access to promotions, sales, coupons, media tie-ins, gift certificates and more, through the Untreed Reads Bookstore and through various retailers.

  • Option to apply DRM (Digital Rights Management) security on our site and through most of our vendors.

  • Most works posted within 2 to 14 days from the time that final formatted files are received by Untreed Reads.

  • Author receives high-percentage royalty payment without incurring other charges.

*If you’re a publisher, company or association, we’re happy to help. Because we recognize there are other more affordable options for individual authors, effective June 1, 2014, with very few exceptions, we are no longer distributing on behalf of individual, self-published authors.

Ebook and Publishing Consulting

Navigating the current publishing environment can be a daunting task for those with limited experience in the industry and/or limited time. With Jay’s and K.D.’s combined 45+ years in publishing, they and the Untreed Reads team can help you:

  • Build your own ebook/digital content division

  • Build or train your internal editorial team

  • Establish appropriate pricing for your digital content

  • Determine the best domestic and international sales and promotion channels for your digital content

  • Create or optimize your publishing process

Untreed Reads consultants are here to help—as little or as much as you like.

Note: If we are also providing distribution and/or conversion services, then pricing and basic promotion consulting are included at no charge.

For more information, please contact us at

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