New Literary Short From Rich Jax: That Little Piece of Fluff

That Little Piece of FluffAbout That Little Piece of Fluff:

Millie lies in a bed in a convalescent home, clutching what appears to be a simple ball of carpet fibers. In a nurse’s attempt to part the patient from her unusual object, a story unfolds, making it clear that the bundle of fabric represents more than just something left behind, but also a personal tragedy Millie clings to just as tightly as her fluff. A short story from our Nibs literary line.

About Author Rich Jax:

Rich Jax (aka ‘Fegger’) resides with his wife, Terry, and four of his five children (fifth being in college), in the quaint New England town of Brooklyn, CT.

He began his writing aspirations at the age of 11, penning poetry, song lyrics and short stories.  He published his first poem at age 14 (defrauding the contest rules by embellishing upon his age and credentials).  While attending college, University of Wisconsin–LaCrosse, a mentoring English Professor, Dr. Jay Norris, submitted collections of Rich’s poetry (unbeknownst to him) to a regional literature publication and the University’s magazine; and his work attained the cover and feature submissions in both publications simultaneously.  Until recently, Rich has refrained from publishing any of his contemporary or archived writing efforts; and, only now, is beginning to trickle a diverse body of work to the public that includes: poetry, short stories, songs (lyrics and music), children’s books/stories, and editorials.  As time and solace dictate, he aspires to complete two novels, Clay and Empty Sails, which have remained as unfulfilled projects for decades.

How to Purchase That Little Piece of Fluff:

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