Charity Reads From T.C. Beacham

Escaping CeliaAt Untreed Reads, we’re more than just a publisher and an informational blog. When we see people using ebooks to help further great causes, we like to give them a platform as well.

T.C. Beacham is a self-published author who fits that profile perfectly. Beacham has two works out:

Escaping Celia: Escaping Celia is the story of Carly O’Shea, whose long-awaited solo vacation is derailed when her mother, aunt, and relentless cousin Celia invade her seaside cottage. Toss in a snarly runaway teen, a hot guitar player, a cool Southern boy, a gun-toting matron, and a wise boardwalk barista-and you’ve got the kind of summer stew that gives everybody heartburn!

Leave Me Gasping: Leave Me Gasping is a smart, sleek, high-stakes mystery featuring amateur detective Del Jakes. A childhood friend is missing and Del travels home to Florida. In a whirlwind of clues and revelations, the sleuth and her cohorts move from a grungy marina grill to a luxurious waterfront enclave; Sound side towns to Gulf side mangrove thickets; suspicion to trust; despair to hope-and grief to love.

10% of all sales are being donated to ocean and wetlands conservation. In this day and age of pollution and tragic oil spills, this type of charity is more needed than ever.

Although we haven’t read the titles, we hope you’ll be willing to take a chance on the work and help support a worthwhile cause. The titles can be found at Smashwords, Amazon, B&N and

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