Untreed Reads and Authors Team Up for Charity Event to Benefit Planned Parenthood

Every year, thousands of women turn to Planned Parenthood for medical assistance. Maybe their insurance doesn’t cover certain procedures or exams. Perhaps they’re in-between jobs and not currently under an insurance plan. Or, it’s possible they are either unemployed or underemployed and not able to meet insurance premiums. In all of these cases, Planned Parenthood becomes an essential lifeline for women for everything from mammograms to family planning to most other women’s health issues.

Now, this important organization is under threat. The current administration would like to see a repeal of the Affordable Care Act and with that an end to any federal funding to this important organization. If the administration is successful, one of the most important organizations in the United States will likely find themselves in an impossible position: unable to care for the women who desperately need their services.

 Untreed Reads believes that healthcare is a universal right and supports a woman’s right to make informed and educated decisions for ALL of her rights. We also believe that Planned Parenthood best exemplifies these beliefs in their continued support of women everywhere.

 To assist Planned Parenthood in keeping their doors open, Untreed Reads and many of its authors will be donating a combined 10% of the net proceeds of the sales of their titles from The Untreed Reads Store to help this organization. When you purchase these titles directly from The Untreed Reads Store (http://store.untreedreads.com) you can help ensure that women in need get the healthcare they so richly deserve.

 To see all of the titles that are part of this benefit, click on Titles Supporting Planned Parenthood on the left side of our store homepage. Please note that only sales from The Untreed Reads Store will be counted towards the donation, so that we may maximize the amount given to the organization.

 If you’d like to find out more about Planned Parenthood and the services they provide, please visit https://www.plannedparenthood.org/.

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Enjoying Olympic Swimming? You Don’t Want To Miss This Book!

TUWFinalSmallWith the Olympics underway, and with US swimmers in the news for good (and bad) reasons, we thought we’d take a moment to highlight Dan Stephenson’s title The Underwater Window which shows how competition can come between friends and lock athletes into epic showdowns for medals:

Two swimmers, close friends and archrivals, chase after the same Olympic gold medal. Archie Hayes is the best swimmer in the world. Talent and luck have brought him Olympic medals, fame, money and women. Doyle Wilson has reached the end of his career with dreams unfulfilled, but he has a final chance in the 400 freestyle, in which Archie owns the world record. Doyle bets that hard work will enable him to beat Archie just once. He burns all his bridges to focus on his lone goal.

But Doyle can’t be single-minded. Archie is not just his nemesis – they’re best friends. Danger lurks around every corner for Archie, a celebrity athlete with a reckless streak. On a training trip to Hawaii, when Archie is mauled by a wave while bodysurfing, Doyle sees his duty – a purpose in life that transcends self-interest and even friendship. Archie’s incomparable talent must be preserved and nurtured, and only Doyle can do it. Though Archie’s demise would liquidate the main obstacle in Doyle’s path to greatness, Doyle rescues him. Repeatedly.

Doyle’s odyssey to the Olympics teaches him about true friendship and love, the meaning of sacrifice and overcoming obstacles.

This title is 30% off through The Untreed Reads Store in PDF, Kindle and EPUB formats through September 1st when you enter coupon code OLYMPICS at checkout. That code is good for 30% off your entire order, not just this title. You’ll also find The Underwater Window on sale at major ebook retailers. Just follow the links from our store if you prefer to pick it up from one of those.

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